Best Headphones Amplifier 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Equipped with considerably more output to power your headphone, a headphone amplifier will provide an enhanced listening experience to your music.

The intention is not for the music to become louder, but for it to sound cleaner and more controlled than it is able to normally, especially during peaks.

Though, the amplifier can also make it louder if you so wish. This means certain elements in the track that your smartphone doesn’t pick up on as well as your laptop for example, can be enhanced.

This also means that if you have a poor volume supply and control from both the headphone or device, then you can rectify this through the headphone amplifier.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options:

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Why do I need a headphone amp?

How to choose the best headphone amplifiers?

Headphone amplifiers come in a range of different styles and designs, with some in the form of a USB you can take anywhere, and others being much heavier and more suited to home studio use.

Depending on your headphones, you will need a model capable of working with the different impedance ratings, so it’s good to check the stats of each model against the headphones you intend to use them with.

Also, you will find headphones amps tend to have lots of other features to enhance not only the music (such as gain control) but also other handy tools to work with your other devices too, such as being able to charge your phone from then.

The model you choose really depends on your requirements as user, but also the quality and type of headphones that you use.

The advantages of headphone amplifiers

When you plug your headphones into your smartphone, there is limited volume, power and sound enhancement options, that may limit the sound quality you actually receive.

How limited depends on the impedance rating all headphones have. Regular headphones designed for use with smartphones typically have a lower impedance rating, however audiophile quality headphones have a much higher impedance rating.

Without a headphone amplifier, you will lose significant volume and overall sound quality especially if listening through professional, audiophile quality headphones.

Another advantage is that if you struggle with your hearing generally, then an amplifier has the potential to help you hear certain ranges that you would normally struggle with, given its whole purpose is to drastically increase the overall output.

Though it should be said that no matter what you hearing ability, a headphones amplifier has the potential to completely transform your listening experience for the better.

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Whilst each of the above models would make an excellent choice depending on your requirements, the overall winner has to be the AudioQuest – DragonFly Red USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier.

Granted, the USB connectivity means you will need a separate cable which is a hassle compared with the Oppo HA-2SE which in comparison, comes with its own cable bundle for every eventually.

However, in retrospect this is a tiny issue given this model is award winning and well recognised throughout the industry for it’s incredible performance.

Plus, given its small size it’s a breeze to carry around with you, compared with larger bulkier models which are only really suitable to use at home.

Overall, it would make an excellent choice for enhancing your listening experience over a wide range of headphones.

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