How To Connect Wireless Headphone To TV – Tutorial

The wireless headphone that you ordered online has been delivered to your doorstep.  You’ve unboxed the package and checked the item. You’re now ready to use it. But you have one little problem—you don’t know how to connect the wireless headphone to TV.

Don’t fret, as connecting a wireless headphone to TV is not that difficult at all. In fact, you could pull it off even you aren’t a techie.

TV Audio Audio Output
In order to connect a wireless headphone to TV, you should familiarize yourself first with your TV’s analogue audio output.

There are two types of audio outputs in a typical TV— headphone jack and RCA phono.

The headphone jack is arguably the most popular type of audio output.  When you use this output, the sound that comes from the built-in speakers of the TV stops. You can only hear the sound when using the headphone.

Wireless headphones usually have a mini-cable that would let them connect to a headphone jack on the TV.

RCA phono has two round sockets usually at the back of the TV. The sockets are often in red and white colors. It facilitates pure line out signal; meaning it won’t interrupt with the sound coming from the built-in speakers of the TV.

RCA phono is your best option as most wireless headphones use analogue inputs. Most wireless headphones have adapters that you can use to easily connect the headphones to the RCA phono socket.

TV Digital Audio Output
More modern TVs are also equipped with a digital output.  Also, wireless headphones like the one you ordered have a built-in digital to analogue converter (DAC) that converts the digital signal to analogue for good sound quality.

In the event that the wireless headphone you order is exclusive only for analogue audio, fret not as you can use a Digital to Analogue converter (DAC). It’s an electronic device that converts digital signal into analogue form. It is relatively cheap; you can get one for $10 to $20.

Connecting Wireless Headphone via Headphone Jack
Now that you have an understanding of the basic audio outputs, let’s get started on connecting your wireless headphone to a TV.

In connecting the wireless headphone via a headphone jack, follow these steps:

1.Connect one end of the audio cable to the headphone jack (audio out) located on the rear of your TV.

2.Connect the other end of the audio cable to audio in jack of the wireless headphone transmitter. The audio in jack is usually found at the back of the transmitter.

3.Connect the AC power adapter of the transmitter into the power adapter jack.

4.Plug in the transmitter in an AC outlet.

5.Adjust the TV volume according to your preference.

6.Check if the wireless headphone is turned on. Adjust it to your desired volume.

Connecting via the RCA Jack

In connecting the wireless headphone via the RCA jack, simply follow these steps:

1.Connect one end of the audio cable to the RCA jack (audio out)                       located on the rear side of the TV.

2.Connect the other end of the audio cable to the audio in jack of the                wireless headphone transmitter.

3.Plug in the transmitter.

4.Adjust the volume of the TV.

5.Turn on the wireless headphone.

6.Adjust the headphone’s volume.

In connecting the wireless headphone to the TV via the RCA phono and headphone jack, keep in mind that the transmitter must be plugged in, and the headphone is fully charged. The headphone must also be near the TV.

Connecting Wireless Headphone with Digital Audio Output
If there’s no headphone jack in your TV, you need to use a DAC adapter to connect your wireless headphones into your TV.  A typical DAC adapter comes with a 3.5m headset socket. You simply connect this adapter to your TV like how you do it with TV with analog audio output.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to TV v​​​​ia​​​​ Bluetooth:

If the wireless headphones that you got come with a Bluetooth function, and you also have a TV with Bluetooth features, then you can easily pair both electronic devices.
In fact, you don’t even need to have a TV with Bluetooth function. You can simply buy a Bluetooth dongle, insert this in the USB port of your TV, and give the latter Bluetooth features. You would then be able to easily pair both devices.

If you have a Smart TV, then you have wireless connection technology in your hands, so to speak. You can easily connect your Bluetooth-capable wireless headphone to the TV by following these steps:

1.Switch on the TV.

2.Using the remote control, look for the Accessory menu.

3.Open or activate the Bluetooth function.

4.Set it into pairing mode.

5.Put your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode, too. This would enable both devices to be in sync with each other.

6. You’ll know that the Bluetooth headphone is paired with your TV when the former is listed on the TV display.

7. Select the wireless headphone in the settings menu.

8. You will now be able to hear the audio from the TV in your wireless headphone.

As mentioned earlier, you can still take advantage of your wireless headphone’s Bluetooth feature by getting a Bluetooth dongle for your TV. Inserting the dongle to the USB port of your TV gives the latter Bluetooth capability, allowing you to connect your wireless headphones via Bluetooth.

But you must also know that connecting a Bluetooth transmitter into the headphone jack would cut the sound blasting from the built-in speakers of the TV.

Remember, too, that Bluetooth headphones have to be fully charged. A good set of Bluetooth headphones can last 10 to 12 hours.

With Bluetooth headphones, you get to enjoy large range for transmission. You can still listen to your TV even if you are in the kitchen to get some food.

As you have seen, connecting a wireless headphone to TV is relatively easy. And with lots of TV accessories available, you will be able to connect your wireless headphone to your TV regardless of the type of TV you have at home.

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