How to Wear Apple Earbuds – Detailed Guide

How To Wear Apple Earbuds?

Anyone who has purchased an Apple music player or smartphone over the years may be familiar with the Apple Earbuds that are included with the devices.

While these earbuds were originally designed to be revolutionary and aesthetically pleasing, they fell short of consumer expectations.

Apple eliminated the rubber earpiece that normally came in various sizes and allowed for a custom fit.  In 2012 the Apple Earbuds were redesigned and renamed, Apple EarPods.

Why Do Airpods Fall Out Of Your Ear?

​​​​Apple Earpods

Although Apple EarPods have a unique new shape compared to the Apple Earbuds, consumers have still struggled with how to make them stay in their ears.

It seems that there is a portion of the Apple consumers who have no problem keeping the Earbuds and the EarPods securely in their ears, while there is also a significant number of users who say they fall out with the slightest movement.

Still, others are able to keep them in their ears but only with an extreme amount of discomfort, because there are so many people who struggle with getting their Earbuds and EarPods seated with a good, snug fit in their ears, there are quite a few suggestions online regarding how to overcome this issue.

The following suggestions apply to both the old and the newer Apple in-ear headphones.

Apple MD827LL/A EarPods with Remote and Mic

How to wear your EarPods comfortably?

  • You can try hanging the wire loosely around your ear with the extended pieces and wires facing downward. This picks up minimal bass and because the EarBuds are not actually in your ears, you can still hear the ambient noises around you.
  • Push the EarPods into your ears with the speaker side facing forward.  The extensions from the EarPods and the wires will then be sticking out and hanging at a right angle to your ear. This wear option maximizes the bass sounds, but it also muddles it a bit.  Because of the way the EarPods are seated in your ears, it will eliminate any background noise.
  • Push the EarPods into your ears with the speaker side facing backward. This method creates a truer bass sound but tends to drastically reduce the treble.  You may find that you can twist them into a better position that equalizes the bass and treble output.
  • For optimal sound quality, insert the EarPods in your ear with the extended part of the earphones and wires facing up, towards the top of your head.  They should be pressed against your outer ear. While this produces the best sound, it is the least stable wear method.
  • Try turning the EarPod upside down with the speaker facing outward.  Then wrap the wire up and around your ear for extra security.
  • Another option that does include an added expense is to purchase hooks that snap onto Apple in-ear headphones.  Then you simply loop them over the outside of your ear so the earpieces stay in place.  The hooks are also helpful for preventing the wires from being jostled around.  This is one of the better solutions if you are going to be moving around or working out while wearing your Earbuds or EarPods.
  • You can customize the fit a rubber putty, like Sugru.  This will allow you to change the fit so that they more closely match the shape of your ear.
  • A simple and inexpensive fix is to place a strip of scotch tape or gaffers tape across each headphone after it is placed in your ear.

Apple Earphones

The first generation of Earbuds did not feature a remote.  The remote was included on Earbuds released with and after the third generation iPod shuffle.

The current Apple EarPods allow you to use the remote to control media playback as well as many of the functions of your iPhone.

Iphone Earphones,HaRuion Wired With Mic

The EarPods have a built-in remote and microphone that is integrated into the cord.  This allows you make calls, control your music playback, and utilize other features of your phone like the camera. The remote includes a “+” button, a “–“ button, and a center button, with the microphone on the back.

Instructions To Using The Earphones Buttons:

  • To control media playback: press the “+” button to increase volume, press the “–“ button to decrease volume, press the center button once to play or pause a song, press the center button twice to skip a song, press the center button three times to go back to the previous track, press the center button twice and hold to fast forward, press the center button three times and hold to rewind
  • To record a voice memo: launch the voice memo app and press the center button, press the center button again to pause or continue recording
  • To work your camera: open the camera app and press the center button once to take a picture, for video use the center button to pause and record
  • To use Siri: press and hold the center button and Siri will ask how she can help, you must press and hold the button while you are talking to Siri, to adjust Siri’s volume press the “+” and “–“ buttons like you would when you are listening to music
  • To use the phone: press the center button once to answer calls, hold down the center button for two seconds to send a call to directly voicemail (you will hear two beeps confirming the call was declined), press the center button to end a call or to place the current call on hold while answering another call, press the center button for two seconds during an active call to hang up and take another call (you will hear two beeps confirming the original call was terminated)

Cleaning your Earbuds and EarPods

Now that you have a variety of option for how to wear your Apple headphones you may find that you no longer have issues with them falling out of your ears.

Once they are getting more use, you will find that your headphones are accumulating a bit of buildup from your ears and need to be cleaned.

Apple recommends that you clean your Earbuds and EarPods regularly using an antiseptic such as isopropyl alcohol.

This will help to prevent skin irritations and ear infections.If you find that the remote is not functioning, it too may need to be cleaned.

First, try to dislodge any dust or dirt particles with pressurized, canned air. If that does not work, it may be necessary to use a small, stiff-bristled brush to remove foreign particles.


Although the Apple Earbuds and EarPods were designed to be innovative, their design fell short because their shape doesn’t work for every ear.

The tips and tricks in this article should help you to find a way to comfortably wear you Apple headphones in a way that prevents them from falling out.

Once you’ve found the best fit, be sure to brush up on how to use the remote and the microphone.

And don’t forget to keep your headphones clean for the best performance and sound quality!

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